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Apps, Exchanges, Hardware & Wallets

Explore these sites and set up accounts with these companies to get started with investing with digital assets. Never order cold wallet storage devices from any sites other than the manufacturer. Setup your private digital wallets, record your backup phrases and store in a secure location.

– An essential site for charting projections of digital assets

– List of all cryptocurrencies, trading volumes, markets, and simple charts.

– Certification Site for credentials such as (C.B.P.) Certified Bitcoin Professional

– Calculator for profitability used by miners of digital assets

– One of the most popular sites for mining software. You can download this software, connect with your – GPU (Graphics Processing Unit, which is a high-quality graphics card), and in a few minutes, you can be mining for the Nicehash pool and rewarded in bitcoin.

– Technical discussion board for cryptocurrencies. Original discussions are hosted here from Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney, Gavin Andresen, and new discussions from the greatest minds in programming.

– An excellent software platform you can use on your own personal computer. Hosts many types of digital assets and allows trading through a third party service. Allows storage of own private keys keeping your investments secure.

– A reputable trading company based out of Toronto Canada. Coinberry offers 0% fees on funding and withdrawals of digital assets. 0.5% fees on trading. Multiple funding options and a small number of assets to purchase and trade.

– An established Canadian exchange with a more extensive array of assets to purchase and trade. Includes fiat currency to trade and HODL including CAD, USD & GBP. Use the promo code CSGET10 to receive $10 CAD when you signup for an account.

– A solid exchange with a simple interface for those new to trading digital assets. Includes basic charting & trading tools.

– The worlds largest digital exchange offering over 400 digital assets to trade and exchange. Includes some advanced trading tools and hosts their own BNB coin for purchase.

– One of the worlds leading cold wallet storage manufacturers. Includes features to store your cryptocurrencies securely and offline.

– Another of the worlds leading cold wallet storage manufacturers. Includes ability to store cryptocurrencies securely and offline.

– One of the leading online and app-based digital wallet services based out of Luxembourg. Includes pairable wallets from app to their website.

– One of many blockchain explorers where you can verify transactions. The same verification can be done by yourself if you download and run a Bitcoin Full Node.

– Learn and download a Bitcoin full node from Includes learning resources, links and software downloads.

Bitcoin Whitepaper

– The original Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. A whitepaper is a document to explain the function and use of emerging technology such as bitcoin. This short document breaks down the invention of blockchain technology.


– This entertainment platform pays you for watching content. The videos register these payments on their TTU token blockchain. You can redeem your tokens for merchandise and discounts in their online store. More to come in the future for retail stores to redeem with and a social media platform that is launching in Q2 2019.


-Need an adblocker for your internet browser? Want to get paid from using one? This is the answer. Another revolutionary business model using the blockchain. Currently works with Chrome browser, with firefox to follow soon and more being released. The browser extension is called “Blade”. Simply sign up and enter the KYC profile and you will be earning ADB tokens with your Chrome browser blocking ads.


These are some of the essential videos that you must watch to understand and use Bitcoin. Combined with blockchain technology, the mindset that these videos share will become something you value probably more than your bank account in the long run.

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